Australia to attend 2015 aHUS Alliance meeting in London – June 19, 2015

The aHUS Alliance – an umbrella organisation for aHUS patient support groups worldwide – will be staging the third aHUS Global Alliance Meeting at the University of London on Sunday, June 28, 2015.

Along with our own aPSGA, aHUS support groups from France, England, India, Belgium, Canada, Spain, The Netherlands, the US and Russia will gather to discuss, agree and collaborate on ways to improve the treatment of aHUS.

The meeting agenda is designed to enhance interaction among clinicians and researchers to help identify industry platforms that can heighten awareness of aHUS.

aPSGA was unable to attend the meeting last year, and instead, participated via teleconference. aPSGA President, Kerri Grey, who is set to attend this year’s meeting, said it provides a way for aHUS groups to unite globally behind the one cause.

“A lot of countries still don’t have access to treatments [for aHUS] and this meeting provides a platform for patients and carers to come together, to generate ideas for future research.

“The meeting allows for a global discussion during which we can voice our common concerns in order to improve access to treatment and therapies needed to save aHUS lives,” said Kerri.

In addition to this meeting, Kerri will also attend a meeting with aHUSUK to further discuss treatments and explore key areas of aHUS research.

“I’m very much looking forward to this meeting, to work on ways in which the aPSGA can move forward and identify areas of research that will ultimately improve the treatment of aHUS,” said Kerri.

Kerri will be displaying and distributing aPSGA brochures to the meeting delegates.

Watch this space for further updates.


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