aPSGA Treasurer granted transplant & faring well – January 18, 2016

Dear aPSGA Members,

July, 2015 marks 12 years since aPSGA treasurer, Debbie Basham was diagnosed with aHUS

aPSGA treasurer, Debbie Basham 

Last Monday afternoon (January 11, 2016), aPSGA Treasurer, Debbie Basham received a call she had been waiting on for more than a decade.

She was informed she was going to receive a kidney transplant, and that the Brisbane transplant team had a suitable kidney for her.

Debbie, who is yet to be granted access to Soliris, initially felt torn, due to her lack of access to the lifesaving treatment both pre and post-transplant. But at her Doctors’ recommendation, she confidently proceeded with the transplant, citing, “I have complete faith in Dr Nikki Isbel and her team, and the minute aHUS rears its ugly head, I will have access [to Soliris].”

A week post- transplant, Debbie’s new kidney is showing no signs of rejection, and there has been no sign of an aHUS flare or other complications arising from her illness.

Debbie is hoping to be discharged from hospital today, and will spend the next few months living in Brisbane to continue her recovery following transplant.

Excited by the positive news, aPSGA President, Mrs Kerri Grey, issued the following statement to all aPSGA members.

“It is with great excitement that I write to let you know that our Treasurer, Debbie Basham, received a transplant last week, and while her new kidney is taking its time to kick into gear, the organ is doing really well and Debbie is seeing improvements every day.

“As you are all well aware, this transplant for Debbie is extremely risky, as she does not have access to Soliris unless the aHUS becomes active,” Mrs Grey said.

“We want to take that risk away, and for everyone to have access to Soliris from the day of transplant, to safeguard the donated organ.”

Kerri urged all aPSGA members, their respective families, friends and supporters to write to the PBAC urging them to make the right decision to grant those in need, like Debbie, with access to Soliris both pre-and-post transplant, and to stop putting the lives of their fellow Australians living with aHUS, at risk.

Correspondence may be directed to PBAC Secretary, Greg O’Toole on Greg.O’Toole@health.gov.au or to PBAC Chair, Andrew Wilson on Andrew.Wilson@health.gov.au.

The PBAC is also calling for online submissions from aPSGA members and the supporting community at large, for consideration at their next meeting scheduled for March this year. Please make your here to help #saveaHUSlives

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