aHUS patient & aPSGA Treasurer, Debbie Basham, is continuing her recovery from organ transplant – May 17, 2016

More than four months post- kidney transplant, aHUS patient and aPSGA Treasurer, Mrs Debbie Basham, Cairns, is continuing her recovery.

“I’m doing well,” Debbie said.

“The doctors have been keeping a close eye on my progress, which is good, and they are working to ensure I’m on the best medicines to guarantee my new kidney remains healthy.”

Debbie’s doctors are reportedly confident with the progress she is making with her recovery, with no signs of aHUS or organ rejection identified to date.

“The doctors have advised that there is no sign of aHUS, and my body has accepted the kidney for now, so I’m hopeful for the future.

“I even got away for a day-long holiday, which was wonderful,” said Debbie.

Given her long road to becoming an organ recipient, Debbie sincerely hopes that all transplant patients will soon be granted subsidised access to Soliris, to ensure the devastating, ultra-rare blood disease does not lead to recurrent damage and loss of the donor organ.

“I still hope that Australians living with aHUS, who are sufficiently privileged to receive an organ donation, will be granted Government subsidised access to Soliris, for this would remove substantial anxiety around the transplant,” Debbie said.

“Post- transplant, any sickness, pain or aHUS-like symptoms leave you terrified, and you are always concerned that the disease will flare again.

“Patients shouldn’t be forced to face the unknown and risk rejection when there is a clinically proven treatment available,” said Debbie.

Debbie is looking forward to ongoing rallying of the Government for life-long subsidisation of Soliris for all Australians living with aHUS, and is extremely excited for fellow aPSGA member, Tracey Young, Maryville, NSW, to have finally been granted access to the life-saving treatment.

“For us, moving forward, we want to find ways to show the government how they can save money by providing Soliris to all Australians living with aHUS on a continuing basis.

“I was so happy to learn that Tracey has finally been granted access to Soliris, and I’m particularly pleased to see how passionate she is about helping to save the lives of other Australian patients battling aHUS,” Debbie said.

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