aHUS Ontario patients granted “interim” funding for Soliris

The aPSGA is excited to announce that the Ontario Province Government has agreed to interim funding measures for Soliris for Ontario-based aHUS patients who meet certain disease criteria.

Although a small victory, this is a step in the right direction for the small number of Ontario residents living with aHUS.

(Image source: http://i.ytimg.com)

(Image source: http://i.ytimg.com)

Ontario Province Health Minister, Eric Hoskins, announced on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 that aHUS patients living in Ontario will granted access to Soliris through “interim” funding measures if they meet certain clinical criteria for the disease.

At this stage, the definition of “interim” funding remains unclear.

In his announcement, Mr Hoskins said, “Our government is committed to getting people the drugs they need and the drugs that work for them.

“When people have an illness and there is a drug that can help them with that, we do everything we can to get access to those particular drugs.”

(Image source: pbs.twimg.com)

(Image source: pbs.twimg.com)

According to aHUS Canada, there are an estimated 30 people living in the Ontario region with aHUS.

Following Mr Hoskins’ announcement, Canadian health critic, Christine Elliot dubbed it “a last-minute, half-baked announcement” stating “How convenient is it that the announcement was made today.

“I guess it takes a little bit of the heat off you, but I think people need to know that this is not going to be funded for all aHUS patients; it’s only a one-off strategy.

“Only those who are really, really sick are going to be able to get access to this, not everybody who needs it,” said Ms Elliot.

In Canada, Soliris is estimated to cost up to CD$500,000 (AUD$512,632) per adult patient each year.

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