Archives: October 2015

Doctors, not Government, should determine patient access to life-saving Soliris: a mother’s perspective – September 13, 2015

In October, 2012, Holly, now 10, Melbourne, was diagnosed with the often devastating, ultra-rare blood disease, aHUS. He only treatment option at the time was plasma exchange. For the eight months following her diagnosis, Holly’s mum, Linda, watched helplessly as her daughter lived with a catheter in her stomach, and...

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SMH – Trans-Pacific Partnership: Health groups say TPP will cost lives – October 6, 2015

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, sets up a free-trade zone for forty percent of the world’s economy, and is considered the most ambitious trade pact in a generation. However, health experts are warning that the agreement, which was signed by 12 pacific-rim countries overnight, including Australia, could lead to “needless...

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